Levi’s Cake Smash Session {Sudbury Baby Photographer}

An adorable cake smash session always makes my day!

Little Levi’s photo shoot was no different.

When his mommy told me that she want to do a cake smash with the Leo theme, I got super excited. I love creating sets that have meaning for the family. We contacted Guilty Pleasure Bakeshop in Sudbury to help us out with a Leo themed cake. And boy she did not disappoint!

Enjoy these photos of Levi’s cake smashing good time!

cake-smash-sudbury-infant-photographer-cakesmash-session-lion-leo-blue-oneyear-helgahimer-photography-photo-of-cake-lion-guilty-pleasureIsn’t this cake just super cute? (PS: It also tasted delicious!)


cake-smash-sudbury-infant-photographer-cakesmash-session-lion-leo-blue-oneyear-helgahimer-photography-baby-smashing-cakeThe many faces of Levi. First, he didn’t know what was going on, but got into the grove pretty quickly.
cake-smash-sudbury-infant-photographer-cakesmash-session-lion-leo-blue-oneyear-helgahimer-photography-baby-funny-lion-mainAnd the lion mane, I hand made it for him as a special prop! What’s a Leo the Lion without his mane after all? At first it was hard for us to put it on him as he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but after playing with it a bit, he loved it. Even did a pretty cute dance for us, shaking his handsome mane!


Yummm… face-plant! How awesome is that? I love it when babies eat their cakes with their full mouth. So cute! Look at those toes full of yummy frosting. This is how to celebrate a birthday!


Eating cake with my hands is boring.. lets just bite into it! lol

cake-smash-sudbury-infant-photographer-cakesmash-session-lion-leo-blue-oneyear-helgahimer-photography-baby-photo-messy-face-smashed-cakeMessy toes and messy face. What else do we need? Oh a bath?


‘What? What is this? Bubbles? I like bubbles now!’ This was Levi’s first real bubble bath and he was a fan!


My gosh, I could eat him up, just like he ate his cake! Such an adorable kid. I’m so glad we did this bath tub portion after the cake smash session. As his mom told me later, this was the last bath time he enjoyed. Ever since he does not like to wash up. Poor mom, maybe he needs a cake treat before? Hmmmmm… I wonder, is it because this was AWESOME or because he didn’t like it one bit? You be the judge.

I just adore cake smash sessions. They bring so much joy and fun to the studio! I especially enjoy the creative process of making a creative cake smash set that is unique and meaningful to you. If you have any questions or want to discuss fun ideas for your little one, let’s talk!

Here is a little snip bit of the session we recorded live on my Facebook page.



Ps: HOT TIP from the Pro (that’s me, haha): cake smash sessions are much more successful when the baby is prepared for the cake. If you haven’t exposed your child to the taste and texture of cake, I recommend introducing him or her to the sweet treat a few times before the big day.

A baby who knows how delicious the cake is and feels safe to try it is more likely to indulge like Levi has above. If your baby has never had sweets or cake, he or she may avoid the cake and not produce the fun results you are looking for in the photos.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with how to prepare your little one!

Love these pictures and looking for the same for your little one? Book your babies cake smash or Sitter Session with Helga Himer Photography. For more info please call at 705-920-8089 or email Helga at [email protected]

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