Birth Story of Baby Jack at Lucina Birth Center {Edmonton Birth Photographer}

I’m a mother of two, and my husband is here all the time (ie. in the same town). I just can’t even imagine him not being here, let alone giving birth without him. So when Karine contacted me about her birth photos and told me that her husband was deployed overseas in the Middle East, and will not be  here at the time of birth, I felt very compelled to be there for her and create a memory that they can share together. The time rolled around and I met them at the Lucina Birth Center where she was planning to give birth. Thank goodness for technology, as Karine was able to contact the Canadian Forces base in Afghanistan to let her hubby know that she was in labour. We couldn’t call him on Skype so we just had to wait until he signed in. The birth was anticipated to be fast, but little Jack had other plans. Every birth is different, just as is every child, so when he wasn’t emerging after a few hours in labour, Karine got a bit disappointed. She was getting tired by the time midnight rolled around and really wanted him to “get out”. She walked, rocked, showered, sat on the toilet, then finally around 1:40am, her hubby called on Skype for the third time, just as it was time to push — not that they planned it that way, but it worked out beautifully. I was so glad he was there to witness his little boy being born. I was holding the laptop, and taking photos at the same time, but Mom helped me out and took over the computer from me. It was magical to have him there.  I was so happy it worked out.

So let’s not spend any more time reading, enjoy the photos!

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  • Lindsay - I love the video!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Chenevert - These pictures are absolutely beautiful and I completely know how she feels. I delivered our second daughter this past August while my husband was in Afghanistan. He to was lucky to have signed into Skype at the time I started pushing! The wonders of modern technology!ReplyCancel

  • Marie-Ann Jeannine Belyea - I cried like a baby. So beautiful! <3ReplyCancel

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