Build your own birth photography package. One set price and the rest is up to you. 

Birth Session – $400

  • Being on call for 2 weeks before due date, until you give birth. Present at birth from active labour up to 2 hours after birth.
  • $200 credit apply to a maternity or newborn session with 15% discount of those session print purchases.

Add on to the birth session:

  • $400 +tax for a 6×6 birth album with 20-30 images (those images are given as a low resolution files, printable to 5×7)
  • $300 +tax for a slide show of about 70 images (those images are given as a low resolution files, printable to 5×7)
  • $600 +tax. Fusion Video

You receive all your digital files as high resolution (no restriction on printing size) when you purchase two add on items.

Birth photography is becoming increasingly popular in our day and age.  After all, why put tremendous pressure on the father, or your mom, or your best friend, to hold the camera and take photos of your delivery?  Most of the times those photographs turn out to be very unflattering, obscene, and not necessarily something that you would want to show to your dad or father-in-law!

At the recent birth of my first baby (now 7 years old), I had exactly that experience. I was laying on the delivery table, the baby had just been born, and the nurse was taking her away to weigh her and clean her up, when I (yes, the one who had just given birth) noticed that no one had yet thought to take any photographs. I had my husband, mom and best friend in the room, and they were all so taken up with the excitement and emotion of the birth, that none of them took any photographs of Gracie until I reminded them.

Well, even those photos turned out disappointingly, with unflattering angles, poor light, and too much visible that I would not have wanted showing.  They also missed capturing the incredible feelings that were running through the room, just before and after Gracie’s arrival.  In short, those pictures are not really the type of images I want to look back upon and share with others.

Since becoming pregnant with my second (just turned 5 years old), I have decided it will be different this time. Being a professional photographer and a mother, I value photos and memories more then anything. I have hired a professional photographer friend who come to the birth and took amazing photographs for us. You can see my sons birth story by Sherri from CaptureIt Photography when you click here.

How about yourself?  Have you ever thought of having a professional take over and take the pressure off of your loved ones and let everyone experience the birth of this precious one as they should, stress-free? When you are ready to look into this, call me and we can set up a meeting at your house, in a coffee shop or at my studio. Its always important to meet your photographer first and see if you would like him or her to be at the birthing of your child. It is a very sensitive and emotional day that you share with me, I do promise not to bother you with silly questions, or interrupt in any way. My approach the birth photography is to be like a fly on the wall, and capture the pure moments. A few days later we can meet again and you will be able to see your photographs, you can let me know which ones are your favorites and which photographs can not see the light of day. I do respect your wishes and what ever you don’t want to share with the word, it will not be shared.

I would be honored if you consider me as your birth photographer and let me in to this precious moment of your and your family’s life. Thank your for reading and looking forward to hearing from you.



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